Unexpected Sleepover

Our horny next door twink had an unexpected sleepover the other night. One of his neighbors needed a place to crash for the night and besides that, the horny twink offered him a fine ass to bang as well. This guy forgot his keys at work and there wasn’t any way of getting them so he had to visit his neighbor and ask him to let him spend the night at his place. They are pretty close, although he is a twink, his parents are out of the house most of the time so he has the house all to himself and became the man of the house. He wasn’t going to let him outside so he got one of the rooms ready for him.

While he was busy changing the bed sheets his neighbor surprised him from behind and started playing with the twink. The poor guy could barely focus on what he was doing and he ended up caving to his hot neighbor’s charms. Clothes came off fast and soon after that the guys were butt naked taking turns on nailing their asses. The horny neighbor was the first to have a piece of that tight ass and when we say that he was horny we aren’t joking. Our cute twink was next in line so don’t worry you are going to see them both in action. Hope you guys like it as much as we did and make sure you stay tuned for more gay nextdoortwink updates. See you guys tomorrow with more!


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