Next Door Twink – Jam Session

Hello guys and gals and welcome. You are just in time to check out a brand new next door twink scene here with some more lovely guys and this one is just perfect too. The studs that get down and dirty in this one you just have to see and check out and we bet that you’ll have fun with the whole thing. There are three of them as you can see, and this afternoon was the perfect time for them it seems to get to play nasty. Sit back and check out one amazingly juicy and kinky threesome gay fuck session this afternoon and you can see the guys “jam” hard. So yeah, without further due, let’s get those cameras rolling and see the guys playing shall we?

As soon as we get the cameras rolling, you can see the guys getting to start if off in the living room on that nice couch. The leather just makes things even more kinky according to them, so it’s not really a surprise that they got so excited so fast. And by the way, you can see more twinks and shemales having fun at as well just as much as these three if you want more action too! But coming back to the trio, see them sucking one another off at the start and then see them taking their time to fuck each other nice and deep in the ass for the rest of this superb show. We’ll be back soon with more!

Jam Session

Check out this twink getting double teamed!

Next Door Twink – Fully Staffed

Another fresh week and time to see one more new and fresh next door twink scene with some hot and horny guys. There’s another threesome going down in this show and as per usual you just need to check it out unfolding on your screens for the afternoon. The three twinks that get to play are superbly eager to get to do the nasty for the cameras and you and their enjoyment as well and what comes out of it is pure magic we feel. So yeah, take your usual front row seats to this amazing show. The guys get to do quite a lot and you can be sure that you just have to see them taking the time to fuck one another with a passion here today!

Fully Staffed

So yeah, like we said, sit back and watch the show commence with these guys. They were ready to play dirty right from the start and as soon as the cameras roll, the group makes their entry to the scene here today. We’re sure that soem of them you will see at as well in the future so keep an eye on that site too. But anyway, clothes fly off fast and the group is all nice and eager to fuck. See them taking their turns to plow each other and essentially what you get to see, is one guy always in the middle between the others, getting fucked from both ends. It’s a glorious gallery and we hope that you checked it all out here today!

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Unexpected Sleepover

Our horny next door twink had an unexpected sleepover the other night. One of his neighbors needed a place to crash for the night and besides that, the horny twink offered him a fine ass to bang as well. This guy forgot his keys at work and there wasn’t any way of getting them so he had to visit his neighbor and ask him to let him spend the night at his place. They are pretty close, although he is a twink, his parents are out of the house most of the time so he has the house all to himself and became the man of the house. He wasn’t going to let him outside so he got one of the rooms ready for him.

While he was busy changing the bed sheets his neighbor surprised him from behind and started playing with the twink. The poor guy could barely focus on what he was doing and he ended up caving to his hot neighbor’s charms. Clothes came off fast and soon after that the guys were butt naked taking turns on nailing their asses. The horny neighbor was the first to have a piece of that tight ass and when we say that he was horny we aren’t joking. Our cute twink was next in line so don’t worry you are going to see them both in action. Hope you guys like it as much as we did and make sure you stay tuned for more gay nextdoortwink updates. See you guys tomorrow with more!


Take a look at these guys hammering their asses!

Next Door Twink – Final Exam

Our horny next door twink had a final exam to get ready for. But we can assure you that he’s not going to guess what is going to happen during his exam, not in a million years! Who in his right mind could think that he might get fucked during his exam by one of his class mates? Well, this is how it all started for our horny twink. He was sick when his class mates took their exams so he had to take them a week later with another class mate that had the same problem with him. The twink studied really hard for it but as you can see he found a better thing to do.

The teacher left them alone to do their exam and shortly after that his class mate got up took off his pants and started jerking off dick, right behind him. Our twink is not that kind of guy that would turn down a nice hard dick for school so he did what every normal guy would’ve, bang with his class mate. This gotta be the most exciting scene, the idea of getting caught, fucking in the middle of the classroom during an exam, we don’t really know what it was but it did the trick for both of them. Because they were both hot during it all. See it all in the hot gallery we have below. Enjoy it and stay close for more!


Watch these twinks fucking in the middle of the classroom!

Three’s The Charm

What’s better than a horny next door twink? Three horny next door twinks having some fun and taking turns on fucking their tight asses! All three of them live in the same neighborhood and over this summer the guys got to know one another a lot better. They are at that age when they like to experience things sexually and of course, all three of them wanted to see how it was with another guy. Being such good friends the twinks decided to try it with one another. They are all new to this so it’s going to be a lot of fun to see them in some nextdoortwink action. The horny jocks started undressing one another and jerking off one another’s dick in the middle of the living room.

Surprisingly or not, they got the hang on it all pretty fast. The twinks got used to the other guys way faster than we expected and didn’t hold back from a lot of things either. As you can already see the horny twinks took turns and by the end of their encounter each one of them got their asses fucked and their dicks sucked off. We think that it’s safe to say that the guys found their way and that we are going to see a lot of this in the close future from all three of them. Apparently, three is the lucky number for them so we hope that they keep the threesome scenes rolling for us!


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Next Door Twink – Anonymous

This next door twink doesn’t have even the slightest idea in what he’s getting into. The poor bastard thought that the guy fucking him was his boyfriend, but he’s going to have a pretty big surprise. For their anniversary his boyfriend thought that it might be a good idea to surprise him and hire an escort for him. We know that it sounds weird that a guy would hire another guy to fuck his man, but this is what the guy wanted. So he asked his boyfriend to wait for him butt naked with a sleeping mask on, to make it even more interesting. The twink wasn’t expecting two guys in the same room, once he heard his boyfriend’s voice in the room he was expecting him to be the one in charge.

It was a bit different this night and he noticed that, but he thought that maybe it was all in his head. The new guy slammed his ass really nice and after that his boyfriend told him to take off his mask. You guys gotta see his reaction when he sees the new guy but naked next to him and his boyfriend fully dressed with a camera in his hand. It was insane! You have it all in the nextdoortwink scene below and we know that you guys are going to love this one as well. Until next time be sure to check out some of the older twink gay sex updates!


See this horny twink getting fucked by a stranger!

The Pastor’s Son

This one is going to get really kinky. You know how each update we bring you the next door twink? Well, today that twink is the pastor’s horny son, that’s ready to get that ass hammered. Let us walk you through it all because this needs some explanations. You don’t expect to see a pastor’s son in one of these updates, because you don’t find that many that are into guys and the ones that are into guys don’t come upfront with it. We can understand them why, just imagine the face his father made when he saw his saw take a hard dick up his ass. And to make it worst the guy hammering the pastor’s son is actually the pastor’s help.

He just hired the guy to help around but from the looks of it he’s busy with his son. The twink was the one that made the first move and as you can see the older experienced hunk didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. To make it even worst they recorded it all and as you figured it out there a few people that got their hands on that recording. His dad isn’t going to forget this too soon and neither will we. The horny twink and the pastor’s help continued their little affair each chance they got and we hope that they will sent us more kinky nextdoortwink updates. Until that be sure that you check it all out!


Take a look at this twink getting his ass fucked!

My Sister’s Fiance

For today we got the next door twink having some fun in the family with his sister’s fiance and his boyfriend, fucking one another next to the pool. The guys were enjoying their day off next to the pool and although his sister’s fiance knew that the twink was gay, he didn’t actually see him in action ever before. The guys got too hot and heavy next to the pool and completely forgot about his sister’s fiance. The poor guy was just sitting there in the water and watching these two getting down on each there. After a while one of the guys noticed him and apologized for what happened, but what happened next surprised them both.

The jock was actually curious about some things and wanted to know how things go down between them. The guys thought a practical lesson is way better, so instead of saying to him, they showed him and get him involved in it all. Although he was about to get married to his sister they all promised to keep it all between them and this is pretty much how this straight guy got his ass fucked for the very first time. Why not get involved if you are there? It’s clear to see that he wanted it too, how many straight guys ask these kind of things? There is a lot happening there so be sure to check it all out. Hope you enjoy this nextdoortwink update as well!


Watch here this straight guy getting his ass pounded!

Next Door Twink – The Wrestlers

We are back with another update from the locker room. In this latest update we got one horny next door twink getting his fine ass fucked by his team mates. All three of the guys are wrestlers and after their practices they like to unwind and relax by fucking one another. They are the only three guys in the team and they all happen to be into dudes. It’s that the best thing? Three horny hunks working out and fucking one another too! This is what happened today, the guys finished their workout and continued the sweating in the locker room. They were already butt naked, getting out of the shower, when it all started. After a bit of teasing in the shower the guys really kicked it off in the locker room.

One of the guys started messing around with them, spanking their asses with a wet towel and although it started as a joke the guys really wanted to make him stop. Of course that had to involve fucking, so in order to keep the guy still and away from the wet towels, the other two twinks started fucking him. This should get all that energy out! Both of the wrestlers got something to do, while one of them was busy dumping his load in his filthy mouth, the other one was busy nailing his ass. But enough said, you can see it all in the picture gallery below. Hope you like it!


Enjoy these twinks pounding their asses in the locker room!

Making The Team

Yeas, the next door twink is back and this time we have a special scene from the locker room. The horny twink got to meet all of his team mates and their tight little asses in this one. The guys had a little team meeting after the practice but instead of talking about the game they were kind of busy jerking one another off and taking dicks up their asses. These are the kind of meeting we like seeing and you guys know that because you love them too. You gotta love a good locker room fuck and to make things even more interesting, the guys interviewed another jock to join the team also.

You can see them in some nextdoortwink action below, undressing the new guy and then teaching him how they like to do things around here. Being the new guy there, he had to take care of a lot of things and one of those things was to to jerk the other two guys off. You can tell that the guy really wanted to be in the team just by how hard he tried to get everything right. You gotta give it to the new guy, he truly is a hard worker and you guys will agree with us. No worries, the guys got to fuck the new guy’s ass too, but you have to see the entire gallery to get to see them in action. You can find it all below so enjoy!


See these horny twinks pounding one another!

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